Swordfish's Game Platform

customer-guaranteeWith so many Sweepstakes to offer, Swordfish has the variety, quality, and value that you need to run successful sweepstakes games. Over 20 Spinning games with 3 Reel 5 Line, 5 Reel 25 Line, Poker, Black Jack Keno, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow and many more. We focus on creating games that strive for the highest quality in order to maximize customer satisfaction and your profits!

swordfishmachine4Swordfish stands strong by its customer satisfaction policy. Our customer is our priority and we work diligently to drive the profitability at your facility. We provide you with the newest innovations in: Marketing Campaigns, Updates on ever changing business environment Fresh games keep your sweepstakes in the forefront. Our cashier stations and remote access capabilities give you all the tools you need to conveniently manage your facility from anywhere in the world. Remote Management for a business owner is a must.


Swordfish's Cashier Stations

benjaminsSwordfish offers a management system that track all credits, winners, and free entries, there is an attendant menu and manager menu. It is a full fl edge POS solution with all of the bells and whistles necessary to manage a business, with the ability to conduct lightning fast transactions. In addition, Swordfish offers an I-pad attendant sales tool. This allows the attendant to place the customer's sweepstakes credits on the terminal remotely from the floor through a Wi-Fi connection. This empowers your customers with the ability to not have to stop playing the terminal to get more sweepstakes entries. The customer can play interruption free and empowers the facility to maintain a low overhead. Our main goal is to drive the profitability of your facility. Manage from anywhere in the world.

Customers Priority # 1 - The Importance of Technical Support

swordfish supportSwordfish understands the competitive business environment of today and the importance of customer support. Technical support and service are key factors in Swordfish's policies and the building blocks of our company. Our reputation has allowed us to have unsurpassed support for our customers, which has allowed us to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is essential to Swordfish to devote many of our resources to technical support that caters to any range of technical problems that the customer may have.When you need us, we are here ready to handle any issue you have.

Besides our 24 hour hot line Swordfish offers the convenience of remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you access to each terminal from a remote location. All accounting and terminal statistics as well as terminal configuration are clicks away, empowering our customers with real time control over every location.



PlanningBrand New
USP Platform

Our brand new ULTIMATE SKILL GAME PLATFORM (USP) provides:

  • Ultra-High Frame


  • Ultra-High Resolution
  • Ultra-Fideltiy Stero Sounds


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Our USP is unparalleled in the industry! Our USP consists of : Game Terminals, Management Terminals, Cashier Terminals and Server.

Easy to configure, Easy to operate

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Swordfish games are server based Skill games which operate through our USP.  Our USP system also offers the ability and option to easily expand the Skill terminals at your location.

We lead the market in performance and design.

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